The Canary Flies

My journey to happiness after narcissistic abuse.


Sis, I don’t know what brought you here, or what you had to go through in order to find me, but you are welcomed here. I’m Rachel, a girl from the Midwest who had high hopes for a relationship with a man who turned out to be incapable of loving me the right way. I’ve been through hell and back after living with a narcissist for over ten years. It wasn’t until I was away from the attachment that I could begin to understand what I endured during that marriage. No one could recognize the signs of abuse in our ‘perfect’ marriage; hell, even I didn’t recognize what was happening at the time. I needed someone to rescue me from myself and from him – so that is who I became. This is a blog filled with intimate moments of my marriage, told through my private journal entries. I hope you feel empowered through my journey and that it gives you hope that the future will be better than the pain and fear you may be experiencing.

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